20 Most Promising Sales Management Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Sales Management Solution Providers - 2016

The history and future of sales is directly tied to advancements in technology. Today, sales managers and teams are using social, mobile, big data, and cloud technologies and services to streamline the way they do business.

To level the playing field with the digitally equipped consumers, marketers are arming themselves with the tools to engage across channels, operationalize a more complex internal technology ecosystem, and capitalize on the digital breadcrumbs that buyers leave behind. Marketers are no longer just good storytellers, but technologists that are required to make data-driven decisions. This convergence of mobile, analytics, context-rich systems, and the cloud, together with an explosion of information, is transmuting sales, and enabling buyers and salespeople to engage with each other in more effective and efficient ways.

The future is clear. Forward-thinking sales teams that adopt new sales technologies to gain real insights into consumer behaviors will be the real winners. In order to assist CIOs in identifying the right sales technology solution providers, CIO Review presents a special edition on sales technology.

A Distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIO Review board has selected the top Sales Technology Solution Providers. In our selection process, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the sales landscape.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Sales Management Solution Providers 2016.”

Company Name

Company Description

Calliduscloud Provider of cloud-based sales, marketing and learning solutions
Channel Rocket Provides sales enablement platform for channel executives
Getbase Delivers an intelligent sales productivity platform with unprecedented visibility into the sales pipeline and forecast
Iconixx Software Delivers high-end compensation management solutions that immediately increase sales performance and visibility across organizations while eradicating manual work, confusion and errors
inlogic.ca Offers a pragmatic compensation software program to streamline sales performance management
Innov8tif Innov8tif helps sales teams to widen sales funnel, speed-up sales process without paper and prevent frauds
Inside sales Offers comprehensive sales acceleration platform that creates high-performance sales teams with breakthrough technology
Intelliverse Offers custom technology solutions that deliver breakthrough sales results and drive revenue growth
Komet Sales Provider of secure, web-based, software as a service floral sales platform
LiveHive Inc Delivers an open, extensible sales acceleration platform that empowers sales leaders with deep buyer-based engagement analytic insights
Matrix Solutions Web-based media-specific platform that provides sales enablement to sales organizations, their projects and accounts across all media advertising businesses
Novatus Providing cloud-based contract management software to customers, suppliers, and partners to manage, negotiate, and administer contractual agreements digitally
One on One Sherpa A revolutionary CRM that inspires and motivates sales teams to truly connect with their prospects
Optifinow Offers modular solution that allows companies to customize its processes, functions and fields for marketing and sales process requirements
PresentiGO Provides sales management tools for making responsive presentations to accelerate sales
Prolifiq Software Prolifiq provides unique best-in-class sales applications, consulting services, and insights for life sciences companies worldwide
SalesChoice Inc Predictive Sales Forecasting, Predictive Sales Pipeline, Integrated with SalesForce, Reasons for Wins & Losses, 7x24 SalesCoaching
Selleration Provider of interactive simulations and game-based software for improved sales productivity
VanillaSoft Provides a lead management software and CRM solution for phone-centric selling
Xsales Mobility Provider of software that enables organizations to control trade and marketing, logistics and commercial assets management processes