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Todd Krizelman, CEO
Whether you’re a media sales team, in ad tech or with an agency, leading advertising intelligence company, MediaRadar, has the custom solutions you need to boost your sales or grow your client portfolio. With this firm’s award-winning customer service and comprehensive, up-to-date advertising database, MediaRadar’s clients are cued for success. Powered by AI and machine learning, MediaRadar analyzes advertising campaigns for 3.1 million brands—across multiple media channels, including TV, digital, mobile, email, events, social media, and print. The platform distills multi-channel advertising intelligence into actionable competitive insights, brand analysis, and prospecting reports, all in one easy-to-use tool. The insights can then be leveraged by the users to identify the best prospects, prepare impactful talking points for their pitches, nurture stronger relationships with clients, and close more business.

Identifying the best prospects is one of the most difficult aspects of the sales process. MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman understands. “There are 3.4 million advertisers in the U.S., and the challenge for most is figuring out the ‘real right fit,’ and MediaRadar identifies those brands,” he says. With services like these, it’s no surprise that MediaRadar now satisfies more than 1,600 clients from regional and national media companies to pure play dot coms, as well as, programmatic companies. And the company is still expanding.

MediaRadar provides transparency into the programmatic landscape; Ad Tech users can uncover new prospects, see which DSP’s, SSP’s, and exchanges brands are currently using, and even access the most up-to-date trading desk contacts. Companies like Zoom Media and TripleLift have praised MediaRadar for having “completely intuitive” software and for focusing their company’s sales efforts. And, according to MediaRadar’s analysis, “users of the platform outsell their counterparts 72 percent of the time.” MediaRadar also gives B2B publishers an extra edge by revealing what advertisers spend digitally, through e-mail marketing, and on event participation effectively ensuring potential revenue isn't "left on the table".

There are 3.4 million advertisers in the U.S., and the challenge for most is figuring out the ‘real right fit,’ and MediaRadar identifies those brands

Following MediaRadar’s expansion to include linear TV, over 40 new television customers signed on. One of those TV broadcasting companies uses MediaRadar to compete against YouTube. “This is a large linear broadcaster who wanted to understand which of their clients had given business to this competitors, how much money had moved, and how much of their business was at risk,” explained Krizelman. By using MediaRadar’s insights, the TV network was able to get information on how much business they were losing to YouTube (and other competitors) and why, so that they could take appropriate steps to reverse it.

This not only stands as a testament to MediaRadar’s comprehensive ad sales enablement offerings, but it also showcases how the company has evolved to help their clients succeed. “For example, Advertising agencies are posed with the challenge of gathering specific information about the needs of the advertiser before offering them a tailor-made marketing solution,” says Krizelman. “By offering real-time advertising and campaign insights, we solve this predicament.”

Krizelman aims to take his company’s services to the next level; MediaRadar recently rolled out an RFP predictor, which will reveal which brands will be reviewing proposals. From a service perspective, MediaRadar will be offering more insights that will streamline the sales process, effectively linking disparate pieces of ad sales together. MediaRadar will also deliver increased intelligence around social media platforms, like Snapchat, in the near future.


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Todd Krizelman, CEO

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